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Rodent Issues

By January 11, 2017News

Well, we all have seen throughout our automotive careers the effects that little furry critters and cause to our vehicle systems.

Most of the times, I will find a small nest buried between the crevices of a vehicles engine compartment. I have found nests inside air filter boxes. We sometimes find a collection of nuts and various other bunches stuffed somewhere underneath the hood.

Today marks a new story I can share over a cup of coffee in the future. We have a 2006 Audi A4 with a bad fuel smell, and large leak detected in the EVAP system which was causing the check engine light. After using a smoke machine we found a large leak coming from a fuel ventilation line. This led us into the trunk to to access this line from the top so we could see how severe the hole/crack is, and also what could have rubbed against this line to cause such a tear?

Once we removed the cover from the trunk, to our surprise there is more than just a broken line. The line clearly has been chewed through, with small teeth marks, and the fuel tank itself has been chewed completely through. The culprit of this issue, we have determined as a few small furry critters

Check out the video and the photos