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We had an interesting yet unfortunate story to share as our client was on their way through our area on a road trip, when their Volvo began to run rough and their Check Engine Light came on.

What seemed like it should be relatively simple problem as we had suspected an ignition coil failure – perhaps it was time for new spark plugs as the car was now at 70,000 miles.

After checking basic things, we did the next inspection and measure the compression on the cylinder where the misfiring was most prominent.

Sure enough, there was no compression on Cylinder #6. Luckily our client has a good warranty company that is assisting them to get a replacement engine and giving us a unique opportunity to see how these newer Volvo’s are designed.

This is a 2014 Volvo XC60 3.2 Liter with the L6 3.2L 3192CC FI GAS N 94 B6324S4 Engine.