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375,000 Miles and Going Strong

This 1982 VOLVO 240DL has been our customer’s vehicle since day 1. All 375,000 miles have been put on by the original buyer. These Volvo wagons have a special place in my heart. I had 3 like these when I was in high school. The hard part of being a car dealer, I could never keep a car long enough to enjoy it before someone would buy it. But I really loved my 240DL’s. The last one I sold had 325,000 miles and I still see it driving around our local town (I sold that one 8 years ago). This particular Volvo in the photo we are almost finished doing a complete engine overhaul. This 240 should be ready for the next long haul. These wagons are becoming a rare breed. Worth it’s weight in gold, this is always going to be a classic for me.